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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  November 6, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EST

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>> underground fire at route and race, under that, u.s. mint behind the picture taking this picture, sushi restaurant right on the corner. ben franklin -- no, ben franklin is at arch? >> little bit, yes. >> further away. >> sending a crew, walking them down there. they were halfway there, probably down to arch by now, so we'll get some live pictures of the underground fire. do you have video all ready? let's punch it up. their is cell phone footage. >> apparently, well, you can't really see the flames from here, but coming up i guess out of the great on the sidewalk? what we're hearing. that's how -- >> what would be down there? not a subway line? >> not subway. do you casino of go underneath, the ben franklin, if you are getting off the ben franklin, and you cross race and go up fourth, but really no where that would impact what's going on here. >> bob, let's punch up bob's mike. >> actually at fourth and arch. >> i was going to say area. >> yes, fourth and arch at the
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intersection, now i went through this yesterday. they were digging up the street. they were casino of like cutting the roadway, going down about a foot. and i bet you, they probably hit a line, which is what caused that fire. >> fourth and arch doesn't have the ben franklin bridge? >> actually fifth street where they were digging. between fourth and fifth. >> got you. >> i believe that's what we're looking at here. >> see the cones off to the right. >> firehouse at fourth and arch. >> yes. >> looks like race to me. >> would you casino of think, i mean, again, i don't know, but if they hit a line you would think perhaps it would be a bit of a bigger, yes. >> gas line? >> isn't that what he is talking about, bigger scenario of flames. >> i think you're right, i think it is race. because fifth street is back up big time trying to get over to the ben ben franklin. let's take it back, definately
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race between fourth and fifth. i went through yesterday, and because i had to go around the block, and of course, that would take you underneath the ben franklin bridge. >> coming upon fourth, yep. >> so race street between fourth and fifth, that whole area thereof old city is probably a place you want to avoid for right now. >> we're hearing the ben franklin bridge super back up. >> because coming into philadelphia. >> make the loop around. >> the person loops off to the right there, puts you onto fifth street. that's backed up. >> marginal road, get off, make the sharp right hand turn it, takes you back down under the bridge, you make the right on fourth and it will take you right to up market across race across arch so as you are getting off on the little loopy loop, everybody's back up, no where to go. >> that little cobblestone. >> marginal road is what it is called, marginal road. >> exactly go, down and take a right on fourth then come over. go past the fire station matter of fact you. >> do do -- do you on fourth. >> we'll get professional individual joe in just a
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minute. that will was sent in by a guy named anthony hopkins. >> one of our viewers. >> well, high kerrey, good to see you. in the age of social media, almost as if you're expected to share everything about your life. but one expect and the mother is saying get off this. >> one not sharing her pregnancy on line, and who bugs her for not doing. that will often reveal their expecting, you know, through social media, or other grand announcements. but many of us have friends who post sonograms in every stage of their baby, you know, especially wednesday, hump day bump dane. what do you think about this? too much pressure to share your personal news about your pregnancy? >> it is because everybody else is doing it, now you're expected to do it, as well. i remember, back in the day, the people would put in the mail, you know, birth announcements. >> yes. >> we're expecting.
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>> like a little postcard. >> then when the baby came, you sends out another one. >> dad would hand out cigars in the delivery room, not even in the delivery room, in the waiting room. that will was about the end of it. >> now passing out emoji's,. >> and i think it started or at least grew to the way that it is today, remember when beyonce did that whole big drop the mike, m tv, video music. >> 2012, two years ago, and now the revealing of your pregnancy, almost like an art form i think. people one up each other, just constantly put these pictures of themselves, blake lively did it recently with the w that her little baby bump there in the field of flowers. >> my daughter's pregnant. >> she hasn't really been doing that much, too much, but normally your a getting baby pictures within the first three minute of the birth. >> do you bug her snow. >> no. >> like saying please, what, her family is asking her to post the pictures. >> i call her, she can text me pictures. >> hump dago bump day, hashtag, you take the side
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shot. get the progress. >> i haven't heard about this. >> you haven't seen it? >> what day is it? bump day. >> oh, fellows, listen to there is and ladies, does your man know his way around the kitchen? could he find your kitchen? the answer probably no? this is national man make dinner day. >> so according to the official men make dinner website, the man in your house has to pick a recipe with at least four ingredients. so got to be semi complicated. you got to cook it, serve it, and, also, this is a big one, clean up, after everyone has so done eating. >> now they've gone too far. do you ever cook? >> i cook all the time. i disagree with the clean up part. because i think do you have share a little responsibilities, any more, so if i cook, my wife gets to do the cleaning. >> no, no, no. this is your day t says you got to do it all. >> why? listen, dow it all all the time. get up in the middle of the night to come to work, i have
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to deal with kerrey barrett for three straight hours, commercial breaks are whole different story, then i have to come home and not only plan the meal, shop for it, make it, clean up afterward? >> hey, don't shoot the messenger here. that's just what the day calls for. just one day. >> is your wife having an affair, bus which another man? what's going on? >> i don't know, i better check. >> she has two children. >> no, but my wife recently went back to work. so even more so than ever, i need to step up. and be there. >> but can you -- so john, my husband, he actually the same, aim in the same boat. if he didn't cook, we would all be dead. because i am a terrible cook. >> does i recent you moore. >> i don't think so. >> have you guys talked about it? >> at lent. >> i will never be able to do. >> this you can open up the frig. he can open up the pantry.
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he can cod l together whatever we have, and make it into something fantastic. i will never be able to do. that will can you do that? >> here is the thing though. i like to cook. but the things like to, for instance, mike came over, mentioned this on air, came over to watch the eagles game a couple sundays ago. and the chilly was really goodment mike, i made that chilly. i got the recipe. you gave credit to my wife on air. >> i did. >> the cornbread. >> the worse corn gregg i have ever had. >> don't even choke it down. so some recipes are a wish, some are a loser, but the thing that my wife hates, why she don't want to cook ever again is that correct she is role gate today cooking kid food all the time because the kids don't have a sophisticated pallet. so she is just over the cooking. >> so you have sophisticated pallet? >> we've seen -- >> looks putton. >> he said putton on the air? >> ya. >> talking about burger king in india, and thought they
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were talking about mutton. >> nothing sacred in this place is we have a secret about beards coming up, maybe you can grow some muton chops. >> we do have breaking news, casino every dangerous situation here in old sit. doing a lot of construction over there, apparently construction crew did hit a gas line about ten, 15 minutes ago. so, crews are on the scene. this, these underground fires, are so difficult to fight. so there is a still picture that a viewer sent in. just few minutes ago. and, again, our crew is almost down there. quick two-block walk. >> well the problem of course will be the traffic, we've been talking about this morning, a the loft folks trying to get off the ben franklin, kind of make the loopy loop. go down the cobble street, marginal road, see the traffic cones. they are doing some work down there, but all of that traffic coming down the ben franklin, of course, already delayed, because of the weather. now, it is back up even worse. so getting over the ben franklin kinds after nightmare
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this morning. because of this. >> this same viewer pulled out his cell phone, started -- pulled over to the side there, started shoot withing his cell phone. so again, we should get you some live pictures there in a minute. dangerous situation because the go gas is spewing out apparently. >> see the flames, i guess hearing coming out of the great, the grounds, ya, careful. >> more on. that will. >> can i just say before, without this whole men cooking national cooking dinner thing, people not made, i think this, when i've been dating the only time a man has really cook for me, where i didn't have to do anything, if he was in trouble trying to make up for something, oh, i will ' make you a nice summer, so sorry baby. so, you know, i want to do this for you, make you some steaks. so i think this is good. spice it up a little bit. let them do something to be nice. >> does that work? >> does what work? >> cooking dinner for you? >> sometimes. you know, the guys i've dated have all been able to cook. >> certainly. >> and then like prior generations, i think like
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they're kind of, you know, keeping them wait longer, so they have to cook. >> they got to eat. >> have you ever noticed the top chefs in the world are men? >> totally. >> why is that? >> never been able to figure that one out. also, men will cook early in a relationship. >> that's true. because they want to get you in good. >> real you in. >> my mom always tells me, alex the way it is in the beginning is the best it is going to get. so if you like it in the beginning, that's just how it is going to be. >> so it will go downhill from there when he get comfortable, doesn't have to do as much. >> true story, true store. >> i agree? goes downhill from there? >> i wouldn't say entirely downhill. >> the most a tentative. >> that's true. >> but then -- >> that's how we get you. >> most a tentative in the beginning, too, goes both ways. >> i think everyone on their best behavior, then make sure they like you. >> and then becomes un greatful, nagging. >> lose weight, work out little bit, buy new underwear, buy new clothes. >> ya. >> new cologne.
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>> ya. >> then blah. >> then you let it go. >> then you start growing beards and stuff like that. hey, by the way, do you like men with beards? >> ya. >> not a big fan. >> not a big fan? >> not a dislike, but wouldn't intentionally seek one out. >> i found a survey more than half of women prefer men who are sporting beards over a clean shaven dude. >> i like a bushy beard, not even little stubble on it? >> no, no, no, not that. >> full mountain man. more clean cut man. >> so here is the deal. most women surveyed say men with facial hair look a little bit more masculine, in fact, i'll give you the numbers, 30% say that they would actually be turned off if their guy couldn't grow a beard. because apparently they say it would look a little more juvenile. like they didn't have the testosterone needed to grow that thick bushy rubble, fondable, braid recall facial hair.
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>> and then we have this. >> then there is chris murphy. >> now, does that turn you on, ladies? >> i like the soul patch. >> did he just -- what? >> when you're eating, do you get food stuck? >> lick it up later. >> did you draw that on? >> ya. >> i hope you can get that off. >> ridiculous? >> that's horrifying. >> this is the cover your gray casino every thing i use inbetween colorings. >> you can use it for the muton. >> one of those barber shop quartet kind of mustache. >> you know -- get one, mike. >> people are doing. that will it is a mustache, what is it, move beer. >> i hate -- >> for prostate cancer. my gosh. >> so that's why we're growing mustaches? >> hey, alex, kerrey, can i ask you guys a personal question? >> oh, oh,. >> seriously, have you ever kiss add guy with a full mustache?
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>> like that one? i don't know. >> like a full -- >> i don't think i have. >> romantic kiss? >> oh, no. >> no, you never kiss add man with a mustache? >> like romantic kiss, no, like when i was dating my inning he will had a beard or something -- >> i mean, make out with a guy with a full on mustache. >> no. i don't think so. >> chris, get down here. >> come downstairs? >> more make up on your face after we're done. no, just seems, i don't know, obstructive. >> i've heard many women say they love a beard. >> really? >> sue serio's husband had a beard, mustache, the entire time she had known him. she likes it. >> well, i date add guy who had a goatee. >> that's ridiculous, i'm leaving. >> you're right, it is november, a lot of guys will grow full beards, for prostate canes erray wear necessary. so we want to look at some of the knows influencial mustaches in history, over
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26th president, theodore roosevelt, steady, had a big stick, and 'd big stash. there is classic mustache, isn't it? >> that is indeed. we all know this next guy. right? this is mr. monopole. and apparently the stash look really says money. he had money, baby. >> maybe back when monday open lee was invented. >> people wore top hats? >> google, who is googling, it had to be back during the depression? maybe? >> let's look. >> charlie chap lane? >> he is dangerously close to a hitler mustache. >> what about hulk hogan? >> oh, look at that thing. >> man! handle bar stash? >> who was the cartoon charge here had that? >> whiplash? >> all of the firefighters had the hulk hogan mustache, it
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was a thing. >> not a fan of. that will probably the most famous tv must stash this dude right here being tom celek, right? women loved that snow, and loved that mustache, and him. >> indeed they did. it was very well grouped stash. >> something i wanted to start 15 minute ago, but do we have a pie yet? >> 1935 is when monopole first came out. >> just after, well, yes, during the depression. >> in 1933 it was created, but then in 1935 it actually started to be sold. >> bob, thank you, national pie day. and, you know, manna every year they sell pies to make money for their great organization. so, they're going to go on sale very soon. now, they just made quick pie together for me, put some carmel sauce on it, cream pie. >> is that cream? >> cheese steak? >> cheese cake. >> i want to set this up. time for this fox fursday, seriously? okay, it is fox fursday, instead of doing there is let's talk about dogs itchy
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skin. >> good morning, i would rather actually see the ready whip segment there but we'll dot fox fursday, good morning, everybody, you know, it is this time of the year when allergies, i suffer from earl gentlemen, allergic to the dust, to the grass, to the leaves. but what about your pets? also have allergies. with me is doctor heather lynn sore, thanks so much for coming in. and you brought some friends. let's introduce them. >> little terrier mix, lives with five kids, then we've got calvin, my border column how just loves to common tv. >> he is knows there are some smacks up here. >> he does. >> let's talk about allergies. obviously parents have allergies, but our dogs have allergies as well? >> they do. for us it shows up on our respiratory tract, but for dogs it shows in their cane. they get inflamed, itchy, smelly, the number one reasons the dogs go to the vet. so first thing outwent do is to have a good quality soothing shampoo that takes care of bacterial infections, and soothes skin. >> what are you using smear.
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>> splash quest shampoo, one of my favorite, does all of those things, and a bunch of vet dermatologists designed t the key when giving a dog a bath with a medicated shampoo make sure you leave on for five to ten minute before rinsing it off. >> that long? >> you want the medicine to really act on the skin. >> okay. >> so, will splash around in her bathtub for awhile. warm water, i sweat. >> come on, simmer. >> we'll let her marinade this that. >> we have the meat, hold for five minute, what else can we do at home? >> how allergies actually float around in the air. so if the fall we close up our houses right? we close up, we leave all of the dust and mold and pollen inside our house. so it is good to have a real high quality air purifier. >> do we have one right here? >> called the pet airpy. it does fantastic job of getting rid of dust, mold, pollen. actually gets rid of 99% of them in the air. >> looks like humidify err. >> it does, think about the dogs on this rainy dayment doesn't smell at all like dog in here. actually goes in a lot of vet
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hospital and boarding facilities, does such a good job. >> we have cleaned the dog, cleaned the air. what else can we do. >> decrease inflammation inside the dog's body again the root that causes allergies. east twi do, that fish oil sauce. want nice pure one. i found this, ice lynn poor. you put couple of pumps in their food, this is salmon oil. very, very high quality stuff. >> waiting for it? >> yes. >> here we. >> calvin will gobble up his owe mega three fatty ass it supplement, do great job decreasing allergies and inflammation in his skin. >> what burr pets rubbing up against maybe your furniture or against the old sofa down in the base (. >> big cause of allergies in the air but can be allergic to fabric. find a bed that's hyper al err jet i can. >> this super acceptable. you just -- this is made with bamboo, very hypoallergenic. >> so put this above -- >> put it right on top of their bed. >> okay. >> they can lay on that, easy
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to wash. and it actually added bonus, if you lay on it, for awhile, itself heats, warms them as they lay there. so it is great for achy dogs with allergies, and art right. >> looks like heating blank. >> the seriously, exactly. >> so any final advice, to the folks at home, that may have pet and may think they have allergies? >> cold outside, doesn't mean the fleece aren't coming inside and biting pets, and fleece are -- fleas are the number one allergens out there. >> this is zipper. >> little zipper, is shivering,. >> great job today. >> thank you so much heather for coming in. back to you guys in the studio >> thank so much, bob. >> great. so you know someone just texted me and they said: if you have a goatee you have a mustache, i feel like mustaches are more out there. >> right. they are kind of like, ya. >> but the go tee has to be laid down. >> it has to blend. >> yes. >> it all has to blend together. >> we know. >> basically, yes, but officially -- >> when it comes down to it.
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>> still ahead, nashville's big night, full recap of the country music awards, oh, was it really country music awards? pop stars there. >> seriously, megan treanor. >> aerianna grande. >> so, we will talk about
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> i do like country music. >> do you? >> back visiting my relatives in kansas, driving ...
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>> here, the lady, yep. >> did dog. >> running over skunks and stuff. >> , wasn't much country music last night at the country awards. miranda, megan train, keep up, kick off the show, 48 times, we've done this, 48th annual country music award, of course nashville. >> ♪ >> open up country music awards with that pop hit, all about that face. >> way to pop these days. >> aerianna grand a, bang -- alabama, she perform last night, too.
9:25 am
>> ♪ >> country version of the song. made it worse? >> at least with a country group. >> ya? >> i feel like they tried to country it up. what's the point of having the country music awards if you're going to have pop vocalist, pop stars, open? >> get people to watch. >> this is how do you it, bang bang on my heart ♪ >> slow it down. add a little twang, boom. >> right? >> give me the banjo? >> bang bang there goes my
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heart. >> your heart? >> achy breaky hard. >> blake winning the mail vocalist for the 400 time, beating out fellow artist, dirk bently, which is a fantastic name, luke bryant, couldn't be more popular. eric was there, keith urban, fifth time blake has won that. >> they love him in country, his wife. >> female category. >> obviously. >> yes. >> she beat out martina mcbride, casey musgrave, taylor swift, does anybody really consider taylor swift purely country any more? >> no. >> i mean, definately class-over. >> kerrey underwood. >> she's country. >> lambert is also a five time winner. >> so she and her husband each have five of these awards on
9:27 am
the mantle. >> that's correct. >> very heavy. >> luke brian, you can't -- takes home the biggest honor of the evening. entertainer of the year. okay. >> and people love country music. i'm still stuck on the pop star thing. like why they had to open it up. count are you music a big genre, maybe not on the east coast and west coast, although it is growing, but the huge portion of middle america, folks love it. >> but purist, like the merle haggard's. >> oh, ya, ya. >> they wouldn't even recognize this as country music i don't think. >> as we mentioned, it is pie day. how you can buy some of the best tasting pie in the delaware valley. i'm not kidding. i get about five of these pies' every year, because it goes for good cause. that's a live shot ladies and gentlemen, look at that. >> look how beautiful the pie in the sky is. so we're going to try and put together our owner have sean. we'll have a contest, who will do better.
9:28 am
mike, or is it al next. >> speaking of deck raiding the pie? >> decorating the
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at it is one of my favorite times of the year when i get to wear the big blueberry hat. >> lovely. >> it is a pie hat, drips right down into your mouth. >> it is perfect. nice little look. we are talking about manna pie in the sky fundraiser which kicks off today. here to he will to butts event and how proceeds are raisedded is the executive director sue darby. >> thanks for having us back, we love coming here. >> well appropriately. >> you make such a good pie man. >> it is national pie day. >> it is. >> the marries declaring it pie throughout the land.
9:32 am
>> hush up, keith good to see you. he is providing ingredients here. we will do pie decorating theme here in just a second. this is new this year. a big, no, you are perfect right there. >> yes. >> big slice of blueberry pie, but you you look best with this. >> yes, crown him. >> he is officially pie man. >> yes. >> were you good at math? do you know exactly the definition of pie. never mind. >> please explain to everybody what manna is all about. >> manna we are food medicine. we are getting ready to celebrate our 25th year and we provide medically appropriate meals throughout philadelphia, southern new jersey and people battling life threatening illnesses. every month, keith is in the kitchen with hundreds of volunteers, with 2500 active volunteers and we will provide 65,000 meals a month, and 750 individuals. >> you guys do great work. >> yes good when we buy a pie then. >> thinks all about
9:33 am
thanksgiving day. >> imagine, light. thanksgiving day is first thanksgiving in years that you don't have up joy or strength to get up and cook your thanksgiving traditional meal. >> i buy these about five every year at this time of the year. the pies are delicious. >> yes, they are delicious. >> they are. >> and so it is a 25-dollar donation for mess of your pies, pumpkin, apple, sweet potato or pecan. our sky pie which is our special pie, cheese cake is 35 and that provides a gourmet thanksgiving meal for everyone on thanksgiving kay that will be delivered to their house for four because we don't want anybody alone and meal that anyone of us will be proud to serve on their table. >> within pie. >> one pie. >> yes. >> from somebody who is really sick. >> how many different flavors. >> lets go through them. >> pumpkin, sweet potato, apple, pecan and american airlines sky pie which is a cheese cake. >> my goodness. >> it is yummy. >> all fancy. >> it is yummy. >> and every year i beg you
9:34 am
for charity, what is wrong here, why do you need cherry. >> because of the pits. >> right. >> that is what we do. >> okay. so every yea though thinks so nicely decorated we will try as we keep going. >> carmel, hot chocolate. >> i have squirted some carmel. >> yes. >> let me catch up a little bit. >> if you guys are around, come to the liberty shops it is pie day, between 11 and one. >> hold on everybody talking over each other. >> where sit. >> liberty shops from 11:00 to 1:00 and that is when it is officially pie day. we will have pie samples, lots of fun, and come on out good can you buy a pie there. >> absolutely. >> could you hurry up. >> it is in the coming out. >> there we go. >> squeeze that sucker. >> it is hot. >> okay, gooey. >> it looks good. >> see that is what we get for talking. >> that looks like check late.
9:35 am
>> let me try it. >> yes. >> i will put, what are these, these are little pieces of pumpkin. >> yes. >> you will have a whole in mixture of pie. >> we're getting wrapped so there goes that contest, sue. thanks a lot. i'll see you at liberty place today. >> hey, what is up? >> convention center they are still unpacking it is almost time because it opens up at 11:00, the philadelphia museum of art craft show, i cannot even say it, it is all hand craftedded works of art. look at that pottery, so gorgeous. i found a place in my home for all of this. we will see a couple artists, and when we come right back. i want this too. i want this over he
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it that is time of the year again, time for 38th annual philadelphia museum of art, craft show. >> yes, some of the most amazing work if you are if to that thing are made by 195 of the finest artisans you will ever lay eyes upon. sue serio getting a preview. >> we sent through sue because we love doing crafts. >> yes, but this is way beyond me this is hand made works of art, lets look at these rugs. i have furnished half of my house with this and thinks a prize winner, the excellence in design award for this wood turner. look at these things. this is hand made works of art did i a say that already. why don't we meet artists taking a look aren't, still setting up, show opens up,
9:40 am
through today, tomorrow, and saturday and sunday. we will tell you how much it cost in a few minutes. we have two artists with us, stacy lee webber, and the viewer of "good day philadelphia". >> sue, i love you. >> all right. >> so you have taken coins and other metals and recycle them into beautiful works of art. >> yes, all hand cut coins and different screws i used for sculpture and jewelry. >> take a closer look at this. these are pennies. >> yes, you got it, abraham lincoln cut out. >> look at what i'm throwing in here. >> it is all wearable. >> look at these pennies. >> take certain years of pennies. >> from 1982 and older are solid copper. i couldn't use solid copper. >> you do this all in your studio in frank for. >> yes, at globe works in the northeast. >> what is this made out of. >> all brass screws. >> brass screws, they are beautiful. i cannot believe it. look at these.
9:41 am
>> this is collaboration of where all of the lids are pennies and they needed a series of abraham lincoln pots for me. the talent is a nation. i would like to think you are doing this while watching good day philadelphia i watch every morning, i love you you mike. i love you so much. >> stacy, i hope you have a great show. this is a craft show. 195 artists. >> you are very special. >> yes. >> she's included. come see her in booth 425. now as i told you a naus yum an this program i like to kn it but this is really john me. elaine i'm not worthy. look at this, just a small example of the things you hand in. >> yes, i'm an independent fashion designer, and wearable fiber artist from new york and here at the the show i have a collection of fashion accessories for women of all ages, and gorgeous.
9:42 am
>> gorgeous. >> everything is hand made using lovely luxurious materials. >> i want to try one, may i? we will try this, what do you call this. >> this is my ricocoa shaw one of my best sellers. >> was it beautiful hand made wooden pinned. >> yes, they are made by a wood artisan harry first in minnesota and i'd love to have you model will this for me there on a day like today so cold and rainy what would be more gorgeous then to wrap yourself in a shaw like this while you you are wrapping me i want to talk about this. $15 add mission to the craft show but you can get a two day ticket for $20 get all of the information on my fox the craft show again, today tomorrow, saturday and sunday, who you about me. thanks, elainea. >> thank you. >> you look lovely, sue darling. >> i know, i know good that woman is in her element.
9:43 am
>> i'm not worthy let get to jen fred. >> talking about frugal signs, jen, designers to find things under 50 bucks. >> yes, we will talk about the things that they buy that are very next expensive even though they want to you expenditure coin at joan schepp, cam ran has in the left yet. which one of these things do you think are frugal find. you might be surprised ladies and gentlemen.
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break being news a couple blocks at fourth ape race, lauren johnson, it looks like a gas leak construction crews, busted a gas line. a small explosion. >> mike, it is causing quite some confusion. we are right here at fourth and rine but this fire, it was down closer to fourth and race street. we understand some construction crews, contractors were working down in that area and hit a gas line underground that sparked an underground fire down there. you can see several fire engines and emergency vehicles and lights over there but people coming around this area, police asking can they get through there where do they get to get around trying to get in that area. it is a little confusing and chaotic but it seems like fire is under control but crews are working to figure out what is happening. osha is on the scene or has been called in and we understand inspectors just arrived here as well to find out more about exactly what
9:47 am
happened. for now fire is under control, causing a little confusion as far as maneuvering roads around here but i do understand that the roads are block off between vine and market on fourth street. avoid this area at all if you are having to come around here for any reason. >> well, you can imagine they shut off that little loop coming off that ben franklin bridge and force to you head on down towards eighth street and something like that. >> get backup there as well. we're through the real thick of the rush hour but with everything being delayed because of the weather. >> yes, especially since crews just got there. >> joan schepp, karen silver what a combination. they can tell you anything about chanel to you name it, any designer out there. >> so now they are getting fashion icons, about the cheaper things they might than willing to get. >> now first of all mike, you didn't see.
9:48 am
>> no. >> chanel, do you remember that. >> i have a man chanel too. >> good morning to you once again. >> good morning. >> we're here talking to the cameron silver because you you are here with all these amazing vintage find. you will be here today, tomorrow, joan schepp, your new spa 18th and chestnut right across the street from boyds, great location. >> yes, great location good i couldn't fessed to you that i'm a bit of the frugal girl. i don't, i wish i had the means to go chanel crazy but i don't always have the means, you know what i'm saying. >> wear tighter dresses and get a raise. >> okay. you guys incorporate a lot of stuff in your every day wardrobe. >> high low all the time. >> one of the things you said is i want some stuff that is less than 50, less than hundred dollars and you started with something a beauty product. >> yes, i startedded with f
9:49 am
u.s.c. i -- fusci a, reds, deep colors so it makes me feel like a new person. >> you don't mind, you say grab within of those. >> not really the brand, it is the color. >> you two have a beauty product you you swear by. it is on your instagram. what are these things. >> these are little, ipads, oops and they are amazing. it is by doctor alcheck and they are less than $20. they get rid of the swelling. i didn't use them this morning. >> you still look gorgeous black and white t-shirts every man, woman and child should have have one. >> you can wear one of these under a blaze are, you you look put together. it is a perennial go too item in your closet. >> we were talking about this, a lot of people like to come in and get great finds. $7 socks. you say pattern socks, these are the things they are affordable but they are a luxury that everyone can afford.
9:50 am
>> yes, they put a smile on your face. fun, rosie, the socks and the things. great gifts. and woolford does beautiful stocks that either they come knee highs or whatever and they all have patterns, and things and fun. >> i love it. >> and giraffes good yes. >> my goodness. >> last thing you want people to come in here and buy vintage. there that was one item jacket, gown, accessory where do you think someone should start buying vintage. >> start with the blazer, a little black dress, easy breezy things, accessories are great or fedora. i also say step outside your comfort zone. that is fun thing about vintage. you can go to that little place thaw don't normally go to and makes you open up pandora's box of fashion. >> i love it. >> thanks for hosting us. good luck the rest of the time he will be here.
9:51 am
>> thank you. >> i've got some help. >> thanks for coming. >> there we go. so event is today and tomorrow so come on down and mike jerrick the whole team is waiting for you, if you don't come over here you're scared. >> i like mike. >> he likes you, ahh. >> we have come full circle. >> i was afraid they were going to send me pandora's box, what happens in there. >> bad things. >> chaning tatem rereels a huge secret about his past. >> i had no idea, details next.
9:52 am
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hit it, james. 9:54. this channing tatem do you find him attract tim. >> i think he did in a meat head kind of a way.
9:55 am
>> that is fantastic. >> well, he is being really on best his past, new york post is reporting that channing admitted to experimenting with drugs back when he was a stripper. >> yes. >> actor shared details in the recent gq mag even interview and says he wasn't doing anything habitually, never got hooked but just experimenting as on people want to do. >> he was like 19. he never oded and never tried heroin and never tried crack but he did snort coke a couple times. he has standards. >> he should get the noble peace prize, way to go, channing. he is very good in this new movie fox catcher. >> getting rave reviews. >> right from our area. >> brittany spears reportedly has a new boy. >> spears is dating producer and writer charlie ebersol. they met through friends. he is son of the veteran tv
9:56 am
producer and co creator of at day night live dick eber sol, so good for her. back on the horse. >> as it were. >> back on the horse. >> back in the dating game. >> i like that. >> i actually like her. >> yes. >> back on the horse, there is a saddle on the horse. >> sometimes. >> i don't know about you, but you are right, the saddle is on the horse and to be back in that saddle. >> yes. >> because you are right she could just get on the horse, back on the horse. >> yes, bear back is what they call it back on the bear back. >> giddy up. >> taylor swift, hi, is celebrating a new win for her new album, 1989, i'm sure. >> it is 1983. >> yes. >> so she sold nearly 1.3 million of these cd's, in seven days.
9:57 am
>> so she posted this throw back picture, my gosh, of her on instagram in honor of her success. it reads last time an album sold as many unit as 1989 did in the first week was 2002, i was 12 and going through my braids phase. >> my goodness that picture. >> this is back when she was actually eating. >> i mean look at her she's so cute. >> you are so awful. >> she looks healthy. >> yes. >> brain it in the back and fly over to the butterflies. >> very pretty. >> yes. >> we have 30 seconds. >> well, just real quickly here because this is weird, ac/dc that drummer phil rud, he ace accusedded of hiring a hit man to kill a couple people. >> what? >> he is in huge trouble. he may never join the the band again. >> he is currently free, on bail, isn't that we are. >> yes. >> see how that goes. >> yikes.
9:58 am
alex, i think your pie wins. >> i think so. >> fox 29. >> and yeah. >> fox 29. >> and yeah. >> tha revealed through the work of its scholars and graduates. it has inspired strength and purpose. an enduring symbol of passion and excellence that is not static, but moves among us. a feeling...a shared experience, a reminder that we are connected for life. we are penn state,
9:59 am
making our mark on the world.
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live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. kristen johnston is here playing a big dough-vember game. and we are solving your hair emergency. take it from fuzz v fussy to beautiful. today, all of teed's juicy hot topics. now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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